Funny Coversation and some great news!

So, here’s a funny situation to share while I was trying to freeze my gym membership:

Me: Hi, I’ll like to freeze my membership.

Gym Consultant: Ohh…can I know for what reason?

Me: Pregnancy.

Gym Consultant: Oh…you mean you?

Me: (Blinking my eyes in disbelief for such a question, and mentally contemplating if I should tell her, ‘Yes, me…if not who? My Mom??’) Yes..that’s correct!

Gym Consultant: Ohh okok…let me get everything done for you.

Hehe…yes yes I’m pregnant! Have gone from wifey to mommy-to-be. So, with this…am now blogging at:

Do pop over to drop me and our JellyBean a line k? 🙂


Our New Home: In Pictures

Phew…what a busy month it has been! From settling into our new home to having my parents come over and left, and now my mom in law over  and about to leave later this week…i’ve hardly had time to sit down, write a proper post and post up the pictures!

Anyway, here are some pics to start off with:

The living and dining area when we just moved in. The white couch is becoming my fav place…so comfy!

Living area, after getting our contractor to put up the art piece which we brought back from Bali last year. Point to note, hubby is obsessed with his LED cove lights that changes colour!

Shoe cabinet….but let’s not get to the contents inside yeah! hahaha overload with heels

Kitchen entrance with black glass sliding doors.

Umm….my workstation? Haha anyway, noticed that Singapore kitchens are so not made for heavy cooking like frying. Even with the hood, it stinks up the whole place!

Over the other side of the counter…..after everyone is gone this weekend, i am so gonna start baking! Muffins, for starters?

Our red/maroon collection! The blender has been a weekend ritual of fruit smoothies and the CBTL coffee/tea machine is a great morning pick me up (only on weekends, of course…we rush too much on weekdays). Only thing that’s missing is a fuchsia Kitchenaid mixer!


My New Mantra

Ok, apparently it’s not good for me to get stressed or worked up. So, I’m making this old English saying my new mantra! Just a little reminder for me not to sweat the small stuff, and well, just carry on with life without a care in the world.

Here’s to me…may I keep my cool at all times and not blow up in fumes over the slightest thing 😀

Moving-In Wishlist

Ok, so apparently it’s a norm for people to put up some wishlist for items that they need for the house upon moving in. Did thought of doing it, but again, just couldn’t find the time to really sit down and type the list down! hahah

Anyway, upon request of some of our friends….here’s our wishlist!

Mistral 360-degreeTower Fan (MFD368R)

We actually are using this particular fan in the living room….but it’s not strong enough to blow all the way to the dining area. So we’ve been sweating like pigs while eating these days, and since we have to save the cash to settle some more important stuffs, the fan for our dining area has been put on hold. Any kind soul wanna help us get this….plssss 😀
Can be bought from Courts and Best Denki, as far as i know. Retailing at S$149…but might be able to get cheaper if the stores at having some sale.

Philips SmallStar Vacuum Cleaner with bag (FC8232)

Another sad case is our vacuum cleaner! We actually bought a cheap Toyomi vacuum cleaner from Shop N Save the day we moved in, just so that we had something to clean up the place in the meantime while we wait to buy a better one. Urghh huge mistake…coz that thing ROARS when we use it! Yes, literally roars…louder than our contractor’s drill even! And as of last week, it actually died on us too 😦 So yes, if we fail to ressurect it this weekend when we clean, we will be vacuum cleaner-less for the time being. Pretty please?
Retailing for S$139, but Best Denki is having a sale on this item…think it’s retailing for $109 or even less now!

Philips Air Fryer (Black)

Ok, so from the things that we really need…we now move to things that we WANT. The Philips Air Fryer…who doesn’t love frying without oil! Yea, we know that we can do it with the oven…but sometimes for just a small amount, it doesn’t make sense to fire up the entire oven. Plus, black goes well with our kitchen 🙂
Retailing for $339 at most departmental stores, but I’ve also seen it being offered on Groupon.

Kitchenaid Artisan Design Series 5-Quart Tilt-Head Stand Mixer

I love baking! And it’s a dream to have one of these babies in my kitchen 🙂 Altho I’m ok with settling with any ordinary mixer, for now hubby will not allow this. Sigh…i need to bake!
Price starts from S$399 onwards at TANGS and Meyer. And it must be in FUSCHIA.

We are home!

So, it’s been almost a month since we moved into our new nest. And what a busy few weeks it was….cleaning, unpacking, decorating and more cleaning! That explains the lack of posts here. Hmmm i wonder if I have anymore readers who come by at this point? haha

Anyway, finally everything is more or less settled. And my parents are over at the moment, and will stay for 2 weeks. After that it will be MIL’s visit. Nice…i love coming home to dinner already on the table..hehe

Will try to post some pics of the house soon….when I find the time and energy to do so. Anyway, try to bear with me while i try to settle myself down. There’ll be more interesting updates coming, promise!


Home – almost done!

I know this post will be a lot more interesting to read if it was complemented with pictures, but at this point I am just too lazy to upload them in here! Heheh but things are moving along really fast with our house, and I just can’t wait for Saturday to come, so I can see the 98% completed work.

What has been done so far:

  • Whole house painting: Wow, the choosing colours process was really a long one. I guess it’s only because I am too indecisive and can’t make up my mind on all the beautiful colours. But in the end, we’ve got this settled. Pinkish purple highlight for the dining area wall, while the rest of the living room stays white. All white for kitchen ceiling (no walls to paint, as the entire kitchen will be filled up with cabinets and black tempered glass back splash). And for the bedrooms, navy highlight and white for the rest of the walls.
  • Bathroom accessories all up: I can’t wait to use the rainshower in the master bathroom!
  • Changed toilet window for common bathroom and new grills for the service balcony
  • Bought ourselves a Kitchenaid blender and Zwilling knife set

Things that will be completing by this week:

  • All the built-ins, including kitchen cabinets (and pull outs), feature wall in the living room + customised photo shelf (got this idea from the photography studio that we went in Kuching to take our family photo), built in wardrobe, study table and shelving for the master bedroom
  • Most of the electrical works (Our electrician is really like a lazy donkey. Only upon getting scolding from our contractor, will he move his ass to get our wiring done!)

Things yet to do:

  • Choose curtains! Ahhh more headache….but have gotten a quote from a shop at my office area, not very happy with the fabric selection (altho price is cheap). So will be walking down to Textile Centre tomorrow to get quote from another place. Recommended by my colleague. Hopefully we can get this settled soon.
  • Buy kitchen necessities (e.g. pots n pans, rice cooker etc)

Happening this weekend:

  • All our furniture are coming in: 3 beds, L-shape couch, TV and dining table set
  • House blessing: Have contacted Fr Terence from St Anthony’s Church to bless our house
  • IKEA: Time to source for a bookshelf, and some misc items for the house

Looks like it’s gonna be busy busy for the next 2 weeks! How fast time flies….we will be moving in next saturday!

Updated family photo

It has been ages since we last took a proper family photo! We did take one during our wedding 2 yrs ago, but bro was missing frm the pic….coz apparently he was busying himself talking to relatives. So, when we went back for granny’s 90th birthday over the Christmas break, we decided to take an updated one….with a new family member addition (a.k.a hubby!).

I think the picture turned out really nicely. Well, it should be…considering the photographer costs a bomb! But since my aunt insists on using him…so just go with the flow. Mmmmm hope in another few more years when we take a picture again, there’ll be even more additions to add on! 🙂